What do all of the abbreviations in the flower descriptions stand for?

FD ... Formal Decorative (broad petals)
ID ..... Informal Decorative ( broad petals with a slight wave)
WL ...Waterlily type (broad flat petals)
IC ..... Incurved Cactus (petals heavily rolled and twisted, tips curving inwards)
SC ... Semi-Cactus (petals broad at flower center, rolled or twisted towards tips)
C ......Straight Cactus (petals straight, but rolled most of their length)
LC ....Lacinated (Petals split with twisting of petal tips)

Blooming codes:
 - Early, EM - Early to Mid season, M - Mid season, ML - Mid to Late, L - Late, V - Very Late

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, for years we have shipped to our satisfied American customers. For their benefit, we have a U.S. Postal Address, which is Box 66, Sumas, WA, 98295.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship international orders, but there are some countries that we cannot ship to.Please enquire by email to find out more. International orders are pay their shipping charges.

Do you send bonus dahlia roots with my order?

A bonus dahlias root is given to you if your dahlia order is over $45.00 (excluding collections). The more $ value you order, the more bonus dahlia tubers you will receive. This is Ferncliff’s way of saying "THANK YOU".

What is your minimum order?

$40.00 (Please note shipping dates)

When are your dahlias shipped?

Our dahlias are shipped to you from mid March to the end of May. There are no shipments of dahlias before March 1st.

Do you charge a shipping fee?

Yes, we do charge a shipping fee for every order, excluding pick-up orders. This fee is based on the $ value of your order. See our table of fees by visiting the Ordering Information page.

Why is the shipping fee so expensive?

The dahlia tubers and packing materials have lots of weight. We figure out the average shipping rates of the previous shipping season and add a predicted average increase in price (that may take place anytime from September to May) from the postal services. 

Are there higher fees for orders from the United States?

No: The same shipping fees apply to both our Canadian and U.S. customers.For U.S. orders there is a $25.00 charge to cover the Agriculture Inspection and border costs. We try to compensate for this with an extra bonus dahlia tuber.

What day are the dahlia tubers sent to U.S. customers?

We try to ship from Sumas, Washington every Tuesday during the dahlia shipping season. Your dahlia tubers are inspected by Canada’s Department of Agriculture on Monday, and shipped on Tuesday. Your tubers then arrive prior to the weekend.

When is your dahlia showgarden open?

Unfortunately Our Showgarden is CLOSED this year.

How can I save money when I order?

Save money when you order one of our special Dahlia Collections.Ferncliff Gardens provides specially selected combinations of dahlias that we know will make a stunning addition to your garden. Each collection is priced at an excellent list price and will provide huge savings! These are a great way to get started.

Are gift certificates available from Ferncliff Gardens?

Yes, Ferncliff Gardens gift certificates are available and make wonderful gifts any time of the year! These are available in any denominations you wish.