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Due to Adverse Spring weather conditions we were forced to delay planting resulting in plant growth that is behind schedule.

The Ferncliff Update...

Dear Friends,

Writing this Aug 1/22 on a beautiful warm evening. Now in high heat for the last week. What a roller-coaster ride after experiencing the coolest worst spring. Planting was 1 month behind! "NO SHOWGARDEN" was the decision. The biggest effect of the cool wet weather has been to throw our careful cultivation practices in to disarray. A very heavy down pour in early June created chaos, filling the planted furrows with 3" of sitting water, No warm days to dry the soil out, so guess what some rotted tubers, When the soil dried, at times it was like cement. An endless situation. In my 50 years of growing dahlias, I have neverexperienced this.

Now after much TLC and hard work, the dahlias are looking much better, We hope this will countinue well into October.

Enjoy your beautiful gardens. August and September are our "DAHLIA MONTHS". Vibrant colours abound.

Dahlias are heavy feeders, Use of liquid feeding every 7-10 days tell early october is good. Use a low Nitrogen mix such as "Miracle Gro Bloom Booster" or "Mor Bloom" 0-10-10.

We look forward to serving you.

Browse through our selection of dahlias & make your choices. From all of us here at Ferncliff we wish you all the Best.

-The Jack Family

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